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Pine Court Chinese Bistro

10101 Sunset Strip Sunrise, FL 33322

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Stop by today for the most authentic dim sum in Sunrise!

Chinese restaurant Have you ever been to an authentic dim sum restaurant? Dim sum is a Cantonese delicacy consisting of small portions of food, including dumplings, baozi, rolls, and much more.  Often it’s pushed around the restaurant in carts, and you simply pick out your food as it comes by.

If you are looking for a great dim sum place in South Florida, come to Pine Court Chinese Bistro.  We’re conveniently located in Sunrise, FL, and our dim sum is known throughout Broward County.  However, that’s not all we do.  We also have a menu consisting of over 200 items, and we have an additional menu of Chinese favorites.

Chinese cuisine The next time you’re hungry for authentic Chinese fare, come straight to Pine Court Chinese Bistro.

Authentic Chinese Favorites

At Pine Court Chinese Bistro, we take pride in offering some of the best Chinese food in Broward County.  Our menu is packed full of favorites from all over the country.  Whether you are hungry for fresh seafood, pork dishes, or duck, you’re sure to find something you’ll love.  Our food is made according to the traditional recipes and practices, so you’ll be enjoying something truly authentic.

Dim sum Furthermore, you can’t forget about our dim sum.  It’s perfect for the adventurous eater.  Even if you aren’t sure what something is called, all you have to do is point and you’ll have a steaming plate full of it.  Bring a group of friends and make sure everyone orders something different.  That way, you can sample the largest variety of our food.  No matter what you enjoy most, you’re sure to find plenty of it when the dim sum carts go around.

Stop By Today!

Pine Court Chinese Bistro is located at 10101 Sunset Strip in Sunrise, FL.  We’re open seven days a week.  Unlike other dim sum places, we have our carts out every day of the week.  So the next time you’re hungry for real Chinese food, make the drive and come see us here in Sunrise.  You’ll be glad you did!

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Pine Court Chinese Bistro

Over 200 Items:
Mon Jun 26 13:32:00 EDT 2017

Even the pickiest eaters can find something on our menu! After all, we have over 200 items.

Forget to pack your lunch?
Mon Jun 12 12:28:00 EDT 2017

No problem! Check out our wide variety of lunch specials Monday through Friday from 11:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

A Salute to the Troops:
Mon May 29 11:45:00 EDT 2017

This Memorial Day, let's keep in mind what is really important: thanking our troops for their sacrifice and remembering the ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice. So to all current and former members of the armed forces, thank you!

Our menu:
Fri May 19 11:36:00 EDT 2017

Did you know that our menu has over 200 items? Stop by for dinner today.

5-Star Google Review!
Thu May 04 12:59:00 EDT 2017

"Excellent, excellent, excellent! This is honestly one of the more authentic Dim Sum places you can find in Florida. It's very akin to the quality you can expect in places like California Bay Area. Food is brought around on carts, and you pay at the end depending on what items you've selected. Service is professional and fast, and I always leave happy and satisfied. You can even request specific preparations or dishes, and they are happy to accommodate._ - James T.

Thanks, James!

Fun Earth Fact!
Fri Apr 21 16:30:00 EDT 2017

One of the oldest living things on Earth is the Pafuri baobab tree. There’s a specimen on the Kruger Game Preserve in South Africa that is about 2000 years old!

Delicious Dinner Fix:
Mon Apr 03 15:43:00 EDT 2017

Chinese food is always a great idea for dinner!

Did you know?
Mon Mar 20 10:40:00 EDT 2017

China goes through 45 billion pairs of chopsticks each year. But when you consider that’s only 2 or 3 pairs a month for their entire population, the number doesn’t seem so big!

Open Late:
Mon Mar 06 13:56:00 EST 2017

We're open until 10 p.m. tonight so stop on by, even if it's for a late night snack!

Infinite Variety:
Mon Feb 20 11:10:00 EST 2017

Chinese food varies a lot by region. For instance, Chinese food from the north of China is more wheat-based (think dumplings, wheat noodles, etc.). Food from the south of China is more rice-based.

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Established: 2011